A Power in Choice

Posted By Clare on Nov 17, 2014 | 0 comments

I think what many of overlook sometimes is our power to choose. The idea that we are capable of literally choosing what we do or what to do. We frame it in the words of “I have to” or “I should” but in reality we are choosing to. Sure we may choose to because with out choosing to we wouldn’t survive, but we so often give up the idea that we are choosing to do everything we do in our lives. By giving up this power of choice we leave ourselves to believe we are no long in control of our lives. Our lives become full of “have to” and “need to”.

Imagine a life full of “I choose to” or simply “I am”. What would that look like? How different could our lives be if we remembered that we have a choice? And if we don’t like our options, we can choose to change them. It’s freeing! To look at life and say “Life, I choose you”. How empowering.

To me, a life full of choice creates a life full of passion.

You may say, “My car just broke down, I can’t be happy.” Can’t you? Is someone forcing you to be angry? To cry? It’s all in the perspective you take. Think- I feel frustration or I feel anger. Instead of I am angry. There is something so different in the statements I am and I feel. When you are angry, there is no choice. The anger is with you and therefor you must be angry. But if you feel anger than you can feel it arise in you, and then choose what you do with it. You can absolutely choose to kick, scream and wave your hands in the air if that’s what you choose to do. But you can also choose to let the ager arise, take a deep breath and then decide if you’re going to call AAA or your mother first.

We must remember to turn our emotions off of autopilot and turn on our self awareness. Our happiness lies within our choices. We have that power.

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