Perspective: Opportunity vs. Excuse

Posted By Clare on Jan 13, 2015 | 0 comments

Here we are a couple weeks into the new year, and to continue with tradition, I reflected on 2014 and what my goals were moving into 2015. I started out the year passionate, excited. I had a great 2014. I’m pumped! I’m energized!

Despite all of that energy and excitement around my new goals I found myself struggling to meet some of them. After last week of half-way meeting my goals, I took a step back to really understand where the plan was falling through. And then it hit me “opportunity vs. excuse”. Sure this new year is filled with opportunities, but it’s also filled with a list of excuses not to pursue them.

Life is all about perspective. And, when it comes to meeting goals or making changes the perspective we take will make or break us.

Take, for example, my goal to do yoga in the mornings before the gym. I started out strong. Monday: wake up, crawl to the living room, get it done. It was great! I felt refreshed. “Why don’t I do this every morning?” I thought.

And then,

Tuesday rolls around. Tuesday would be a “rest day” for the gym, I decided. And there it was. The excuse. If I’m not going to the gym, then how can I do yoga before the gym… I guess I just won’t do yoga, because I simply can’t do yoga without going to the gym since that was the whole plan. Right? … cue snoring.

How did I feel about it later? Not great really, because it set a trend to not do yoga for the rest of the week. And, I ended yet another week disappointed that I hadn’t met the goal I set for myself.

So how do I break the cycle? This week, I’m going to focus my energy on the opportunity a challenge can bring, and the feeling I will have at the end of the week after meeting my goal. All it takes is a simple shift in perspective. Rather than waking up in the morning and thinking of every excuse in the book not to get up, I will use yoga as an opportunity to start my day in a positive light.

Sometimes a change in perspective can be made simply by taking a step back and asking “What would happen if I didn’t make an excuse today?” Recognizing that it’s easy to make an excuse, but remembering how its feels later that night or the next day when we’ve let ourselves down.

The more we take advantage of seizing the opportunities the easier it will become to reach our goals than to not reach them.

We’ll crave the energy we get from that work out, or finishing that project, or completing that business plan. We’ll crave the win and we’ll crave the success. We’ll know the ease  an excuse brings is not worth losing the satisfaction opportunity can bring.

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