You are Dying

Posted By Clare on Dec 7, 2015 | 0 comments

“It is a truly great cosmic paradox that one of the best teachers in all of life turns out to be death” -Untethered Soul

When I first read this line, the song “Live Like You Were Dying” immediately popped into my head. You know “I went sky divin’, Rocky Mountain climbing, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu…” If not look it up, or don’t because after I finally shook the song out of head, I thought “but aren’t we all dying”?

The answer is: We are. And don’t let me scare you away now, but really let that sink in. We are all dying. We may have great faith in the idea that perhaps we are going to live a really long life that will end years from now peacefully in our sleep. But, do you really want to bank on that? Repeat after me “I am dying”. It may seem like an odd thing to say aloud because most of us avoid the thought altogether, but truthfully the only reason that should scare you is if you aren’t currently fully living life to its potential.

It’s so easy to live life saying things like “I’ll be happy when I pay off these few loans” “I’ll get starting doing something I really like when I get a better job” “Life will be less stressful when I have some money in savings”. What you should be scared of is not death, but rather never actually living your life.

My thought here is two-fold.

  1. Start being happy now. Start with being happy with exactly where you are now. Live your day with the thought that each breath could be your last. When you are in a stressful moment, take a step back and ask yourself “If this was my last chance, my last moment on earth, is this how I would want it to be?” Let death not be a source of fear, but rather a source of inspiration to live in this very moment the best possible way you can.
  2. If you don’t like your life, change it. Now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when you have more money. Not when the odds will be more in your favor. Change now for so many reasons. Because tomorrow, next week, more money and better opportunities may never come. Because you deserve to have the best life right now. Because you can. Because why not?

The excuses will always be there. The obstacles, the tough decisions, the stressful moments, the annoying boss will always be there. The only thing that can change is the way you perceive the situation and the present moment.

What can change is how you view death.

You can run from it. Hide from it. Ignore it. But, all that gets you is a nice safe path directly to death’s front door.

I challenge you to see the wonderful gift death has to offer: a peek into the future. Death lets you know that your life is so unique and valuable that you only have one chance to do amazing things with it. I challenge you to use that knowledge and live now.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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