Name Change- A Little Explanation

Posted By Clare on Mar 21, 2016 | 0 comments

I had a few people ask why I changed the name of my Facebook page from “Novuste Coaching” to “The Codependent Coach” so I wanted to take a few minutes to explain and alleviate some confusion.

When I first set up Novuste, it was with the intention to work with families who were battling with addiction. I hadn’t yet made the distinction of who I thought my ideal client would be.

As I began to tell people who I worked with and the purpose of my business, I gravitated toward the word recovery because it was a word I knew people would understand. I also used the word transformation because that is really what my business is all about: transforming lives.

As I talked more and more about who I wanted to help, my personal story, and what I envisioned my business becoming, I became more clear on my goals and ideal client.

I realized, in wanting to be my most authentic self, that I didn’t feel super authentic talking about recovery. Though I had studied and learned a ton about addiction and recovery, it is not the aspect of addiction that I lived though. My life experience was more of the caretaker and codependent.

I did a lot of self reflection and realized my confidence surfaced when I talked about self-care and codependency. I felt in my element teaching people how to overcome anxiety, release control, and start to loving themselves. I knew I could help those that were struggling in areas I had learned to overcome.

This is where the name change and shift in my business stemmed and I could not be more excited!

The best part is that Novuste will remain the same with the vision of supporting families through and beyond addiction. I will be bringing on another coach who will focus in recovery while I will continue to focus on codependency and together we will be offering programs that will support the whole family in learning and growing together.

For too long addiction has pulled families apart- creating tension, anxiety, overwhelm and anger lasting for years.I know there is another way. By creating a support system that allows families to learn and take care of themselves as separate individuals, we are also creating a way to allow families to heal and grow together as one.

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