Managing Sunday Anxiety

Posted By Clare on Mar 28, 2016 | 0 comments

If you are like me, you wake up Sunday morning feel refreshed- relieved you have another day of rest. Happy to have slept in a bit, enjoyed family and friends and had a day to yourself.

And then, 4:30 hits. That’s the time that usually does it for me. I can feel myself breathing faster. My mind begins to dart from one thing to the next. Time seems to be moving in fast forward. My list of things to do somehow doubles in size.

I start to lose focus of the wonderful weekend I just had.

I’ve been working on a few tricks to help minimize this anxiety when I feel those 4:30 triggers coming along.

  1. Take a moment to be grateful
  2. Make a list
  3. Play music
  4. Brew some sleepy-time tea
  5. Get to bed and let the rest go

Take a moment to be grateful

As soon as I notice myself hitting that 4:30 stress point, I stop what I am doing and take a moment for myself to be grateful. This is as simple as reflecting on something awesome that happened over the weekend, or the weather, your family or the meal you just ate. Whatever you are grateful for at that moment, just take it in.

Make a list

I have found that it’s easier to feel accomplished for the night if I create a simple specific list of what I would like to complete before the day is done. The important part here is to prioritize and be reasonable. If it can wait, stick it on your calendar for the week. Let yourself focus on what really needs your attention for the night.

Play music

So you still have some chores to do? Have some fun with it! Play some upbeat music if you need something to keep your energy up or maybe stick some instrumental on if you are feeling like you just need to relax. Playing music will allow your mind to take a break and enjoy the night.

Brew some sleepy time tea 

As you are winding down, brew some tea. Celestial Seasoning Sleepytime is my absolutely favorite. It’s a natural way to help calm and relax you.

Go to bed and let it go

Repeat after me: “I have done my best and I deserve to rest”. It’s  a little corny, I know, but it’s true! You’ve tackled the things that were a priority and now it’s time to let the everything else go. If you have a tough time getting to sleep, repeating a positive mantra to yourself like this one may help to shift your thinking.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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