Self-care and Codependency

Posted By Clare on Jul 2, 2016 | 0 comments

Self-care and Codependency

Why self-care is the more important topic

I talk more specifically about taking care of yourself than I do about codependency and some of you may be wondering why.

The reason is that I think a lack of self-care and self- love is at the heart of codependency. Living with or in a dysfunctional relationship damages the soul. It can cause us to lose sight of ourselves and our potential.

I think when we get used to being a caretaker we develop one of two thoughts.

1. Why should I have to work on myself when he or she doesn’t bother? They’re the one with with the bigger issues, right?

2. When would I ever find the time to work on myself when I am busy holding everyone else together?

While an argument could be made that these are both valid questions, I think they are really both excuses not to change rooted in fear, disappointment and resentment.

And, unfortunately, all these thoughts do is hurt us even more than we’ve already been hurt.

Once I was able to reconize that I was living life using these two thoughts an excuse to self destruct, I was able to start making a change.

My work now is focused on helping others who see themselves using these excuses and giving them the love and support they need to move forward in their lives.

If you missed my video on Facebook yesterday, you can check it out here! I shared a bit about what my ‘why’ is and what inspired me to coach.


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