Anxiety: The habit of worrying, spiraling out of control

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Anxiety: The habit of worrying, spiraling out of control
Taking control of anxiety

How many times have you thought of yourself as a “worrier” or felt like anxiety ran its on course in your life?

I’ve been there. I used to think that there was nothing I could do about my anxiety because whenever I tried to out-think anxiety, it seemed to multiply. Whenever I tried to force myself to stop worrying, something new would pop into my mind.

Worry and anxiety had a way of ruining a perfectly good moment- usually one I looked forward to. I was the victim of my situation and powerless over my thoughts.

I want to share a different perspective that can change your life: You can control your anxiety.

Here’s why.

Anxiety is the habit of worrying, spiraling out of control.

You are not a “worrier”. You have a habit of worrying.

A habit is something you can create.

If you can create it, you can control it.

Therefore, anxiety is something you can control.

That’s it. It’s that simple. The power is in your hands. 

So why do so many of us still struggle with anxiety? Because the fear of the having the power to change often trumps the pain anxiety causes. 

Fear stops us from even trying to break the habit of worrying. That’s crazy!!

If you are sick of living a life run by your anxiety, it’s time to change that thought process. You must recognize that only you can create a new habit that serves your greater need. 

The first step is deciding that the fear of staying the same is scarier than the fear of change. The second step is taking ownership of your life and the habits that direct it. 

Master these two steps and you will master anxiety. 

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