The Wheel of Life

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Wheel of Life Activity

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The Wheel of Life Activity is one of the most basic tools you can use to get your thoughts and anxieties in order before you make a change in your life. 

It’s essentially a pie chart of major categories that encompass your life- family, social life, career etc. 

Often when we are feeling extremely overwhelmed with life, we tend to lump all of our stresses and problems together into the general lump of “Everything is failing” “Life is hard” “I don’t even know where to start”.

The Wheel of Life is a simple activity to help you start separating the different pieces of your life to determine which area really needs your focus and effort. 

Tips before you start:

  1. Start this activity in a judgement free zone- There’s nothing wrong with you because you have things in your life to work on. In fact, you are ahead of the game because you are taking the time out of your day to develop yourself, so drop that judgement!
  2. Be honest with yourself- You’re filling out this activity to get a look at where you feel you are in life right now, so be honest about it. This will make it easier for you to see the progress along the way.
  3. Pick one area to work on at a time- Once you’ve completed the exercise, choose the one area that you feel needs the most support. The point of the activity is to break the work down into bite size chucks, so take it one thing at a time. 

Download The Wheel of Life Activity here –> Click here to download the PDF

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


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