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RECIPE for Positive Growth
Download this E-book designed to bring you clarity and focus in your transformation. Worksheets/Exercises are included for each step.

E-course: Detachment – Learn How to Find Peace of Mind
Does your life revolve around your loved one’s addiction? Are you ready to shift your focus to yourself? Detachment 101 is designed to bring awareness to the codependent tendencies that are holding you back and provide tools to begin emotionally detaching yourself from the addict in your life.

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NEW! Weekend Self-love Meditation Retreats
Ready to kick-start your transformational journey? Get a couple friends together and spend the weekend out in nature getting to know yourself. We’ll work on mindfulness mediation, take some time for personal reflection, get some light exercise and leave the weekend with a totally clear mind.

Send an e-mail to for available dates & details.

Programs We Offer

Light Journey
• 12 weekly 1 hour sessions
• Mid-week check-ins via e-mail/text

Perfect for someone who already has a sense of self-motivation, but is looking for a fresh perspective and extra push towards their goals.

Enrichment Journey
• 16 weekly 1 hour sessions
• Summary e-mails of our sessions
• Mid-week e-mail check-ins

Best for someone who would like more feedback and check-ins to help hold them accountable.

Couples or Family Nourishment Journey
• 12 weekly 1 hour individual sessions (each)
• Four 1 hour couple/family sessions

Great for couples and/or families who looking to improve their communication, have a better understanding of each other and to create an overall happier and healthier relationship.

Walk away from our sessions with:


A sense of purpose and self-worth


Confidence in achieving your goals


An understanding of fears and blocks


A present and focused attitude


Weekly action plans


Real steps made towards your goals


A more organized action plan


Improved relationships


An action focused mindset


Peace and serenity

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RECIPE for Positive Growth

FREE E-book including worksheets/exercises to learn 7 steps for successful transformation.

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