5 Tools For Detachment

Posted By Clare on Jul 25, 2016 | 0 comments

So here’s the thing. I could tell you that in order to detach from your loved one that you need to move a couple 100 miles away from them, block them on all social media, and find a new circle of friends.

I could tell you that it will take x number of months to complete the process, and that you will have to avoid contact for so many days to really detach.

I could tell you that this is a foolproof way to detach, but it’s not.

While doing some or all of the things that I mentioned may help you on the beginning part of your journey, the only way to truly emotionally detach from your loved one is through self-care.

It doesn’t matter how far away you get, how many new friends you make, or how many phone calls you avoid. You will not be able to fully move forward without taking huge steps towards learning how to love yourself and put yourself first.

Here are 5 tools for detachment & self-care to get you started.

  1. Forgiveness- Learn how to forgive without an apology and work on not only forgiving others but also yourself.
  2. Communication– Begin setting boundaries, learn when to say no and most importantly refine your listening skills.
  3. Release Control– Recognize the things in your life that you have control over and start there. Practice letting go of the need to control everything else.
  4. Allow Imperfection– Move away from using the word should in your life. Work on being honest with yourself and accepting flaws in both yourself and others.
  5. General Self-Care– Make sure you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Add an exercise routine into your daily schedule, practice meditation, start a gratitude journal, take the time to schedule all of your regular doctors’ appointments.

The most important things to learn about detachment is that it is all about you.

If you are looking for more support in this area, check out my new Udemy Course: Detachment 101. I dive deeper on these 5 tools and offer more insight on how to get started on your journey.

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