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I serve others as a Relationship & Codependency Coach who supports individuals in healing their past trauma, living a healthier life & creating more meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Known on social media as The Codependent Coach, I focus my work with those who consider themselves to be codependents or caretakers that are in search for more purpose, passion and self-love in their lives.

Growing up in a family affected by addiction, I understand the struggles of living in dysfunctional relationships. Through my own transformation, I’ve learned the power of true emotional detachment and how self-love is the key to real happiness and change.

I have found my purpose in life in the lives of others in guiding them through to the life they deserve. I offer programs and workshops for both individuals and couples and strive to be a support structure and inspiration for my clients. By instilling the idea that we all have the capability to reach our dreams, my vision encompasses a world with more perspective, adventure and happiness.


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