Trauma & Coaching

Who Suffers From Trauma?

A study conducted by the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention determined that 26% of children in the United States will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn 4, and 60% of adults report experiencing abuse or other difficult family circumstances during childhood. 

We define trauma as a deeply depressing or disturbing experience. This broad definition encompasses experiences that likely everyone in this world has endured meaning trauma in our lives is close to inevitable. Because of this, we must shift our focus from trying avoid trauma toward working to heal it. 

How Trauma Affects Us

What so many of us do is carry trauma with us through out our lives. Just think, carrying around a heavy weight with you for 10, 15, 20 plus years. Through the years, the trauma becomes more deeply rooted within us. It becomes a part of who we are so much so that we forget who we were without it. We live in fear forward with our guards up. We sabotage relationships. We have negative underlying beliefs that “we’re not good at making friends” or “we’re not cut out for relationships”.

Coaching To Heal

Two things happen during a coaching journey. First, you begin to explore your past and uncover the pieces of childhood trauma that you are still carrying with you. Through that process, you are able to make connections with how this trauma is linked to problems you are experiencing in the present. Once you have identified the trauma, you can begin to heal. Healing in the process of not only letting go but moving on and moving forward. 

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” -Max Depree

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